A writer’s squirrel habits.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Squirrels aren’t the only ones who store nuts for future use. 

So do writers—and songwriters—and artists—and bloggers. I’m sure you get the point. 

Last summer I researched blogs–how to do them, why to do them. I read other peoples’ blogs and studied the web and blog sites of big name authors as I worked to design site and content for this blog. I made a pact with myself that I would finally sit down and read through the manual that came with my Canon PowerShot SD750 Digital camera. Early last spring I’d taken a Saturday morning intro course on general digital camera use. My little camera and I have become close friends in the past many months and it is always within reach, and often times sitting on the seat in the car with me when I head out for somewhere. I can’t take pictures or videos if the thing is sitting home on the desk, can I? 

So after watering the flowers one morning last August, and witnessing all those gorgeous butterflies enjoying the flowers that I deliberately planted for them, I knew I would want a video to enjoy come winter. We live in Iowa. Winter does come—and it can get real cold—and real long—if it so chooses. It has so chosen this year, and as I looked out over the 12-15 inches of snow parked around our house and yard this morning, it seemed only fitting that I share my August 15, 2010 summer garden video with you. I love the sounds of August in Iowa—the locusts are abundant, and noisy. I love them anyway. If you plant the right kinds of flowers the monarchs and swallowtails and cabbage whites will grace your property all season long.

The light breeze rattled through the mic of the Canon, and as I replayed it for myself this morning I was returned to that splendid August summer morning several months back when I could smell the tang of  the marigolds and feel the humid-damp grass beneath my feet all over again. The short reprieve was so welcome today. 

I knew last summer that such a video would come in handy. I have photo files loaded with shots of things for future use. I have a long list of possible blog topics that come to me after conversations with people, or from articles that I read in the newspapers, online, in magazines. I’m always watching and listening for material. I dig in old boxes of photos and memorabilia, and ask questions of family members and friends, and I take notes—lots and lots of notes–and thoughts. 

Someone once commented to me that it must be hard to have my mind always working. My response: “Where would I get stuff to write about if it wasn’t?” 

Welcome to the life of a writer. I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

I hope this brief video from last summer brings a bit of respite to you today, too.