Novel Reality.

My own caption for the writer sitting in this cartoon would have been:

“Is that window behind you open?”

I love cartoonist Dave Coverly’s Speed Bump comic strip.

When I saw this one in PARADE Magazine some time back I practically tripped over the cat trying to get to my scissors so I could cut it out and hang it on our refrigerator.

I’m always looking for cartoons or bits and pieces of writer-themed humor to hang on our fridge. They help me maintain my sense of humor as I continue to venture further into the Publishing Zoo. They also keep me realistic. You need both of those assets if you want to write for the public eye, but I can’t stress the humor one strongly enough to you because:

You will revise your manuscripts many times.

They will be rejected.

They will be called something they are not.

You will consider taking the whole stack of pages out to the burn pile at some point, but you won’t; because you know they don’t make a tranquilizer pill big enough to help you afterwards.

And you’ll promise yourself you’ll just keep at it.

             Author Note: Special word of thanks to Mr. Coverly for granting me permission to use his work on my blog site, and thanks also for his astute and talented insight that make the rest of us laugh–or think.