Writing fraud.


Definition: An often public dispute marked by the expression of opposing views.

An argument. 


Definition: A succession of events with the dramatic progression or emotional content typical of a play. 

As I mentioned in my post of two days ago, I read and researched a lot last summer about this new writing-world-art-form called blogging before I set up this one. 

One bit of advice that I kept running into—and one that just kept irritating the crap out of me, was—‘The more controversial your blog and your writing, the better.’ 

I consulted with a real live dictionary to see which direction they go with defining controversy—which then lead me to think of the word drama, because I see the two as (stopping to lean over and gag here) intertwined kissing cousins

It would appear the invisible “they” people want us to bombard humanity with even more pissing contest opportunities through blogging. 


As if this world is going to run into a shortage of one more thing to bitch, holler, scream and beat on each other about. Isn’t that what those one-hour news shows along with the choosing-my-man-of-the-month, or I-can-eat-my-worm-faster-than-you-can reality shows on TV are supposed to help us with?

In the immortal words of Dr. Evil from the tremendously funny Austin Powers’ movies, I have to ask: 

“Will somebody please throw me a friggin’ bone here!” 

Is anybody else out there sick and tired of all the on-the-surface-is-all-that-anybody-cares-about-anymore train to cerebral hell? 

The phrase dumbed-down hasn’t made it into the dictionary yet, from what I can tell, but I believe it will have to before long because it seems to be such a burgeoning commodity for the human race. 

If you are only writing ‘stuff’ to start a fight, sling mud at some group you feel like picking on hoping to set off a viral chain reaction on the web, or just to please your MBA-degreed PR/Marketing people so they will write you a nice big check, you are, in my personal opinion, a fraud. 

Unless you are writing what rips out of the center of YOU, forget it. 

I’m damn picky about what I read, and if I think I’m reading some wanna-be-cute-and-clever, but-isn’t-cutting-it fraud, I stop reading. 

There are still actually people in this world who want to think—for real—about things that still go on below the surface. 

If you want to be a writer—give them something worthwhile to think about. 

Leave the faked controversy and drama to those folks on the reality shows. 

Yeah,  yeah, yeah—I know. They get paid a lot more than you do. 

I guess you have to decide which side of hell you want to stand on.