Nature’s Resilience

I logged 12 miles on the bike trail this afternoon against a persuasive northwest wind. The gusts made it hard at times, but I just shifted down and weathered it out until the gust passed. This kept me moving forward at least.

I almost chickened out as the clouds came up and acted like they might obliterate the sun completely before the afternoon was up, but I think I was supposed to get those miles in today. The next time I looked out the window, the sky was that sensational November blue, so I got in gear (no pun intended—I really do hate clichés), filled the water bottle, grabbed the camera and loaded up my trusty Specialized in the truck and “made haste” as the dramatic types like to say.

There was much to think through today on the ride. The elections are over, many are most unhappy, not to mention, unsettled by the streak of yellow that evidently overtook Iowa’s voters yesterday. I was reminded of my sister’s favorite saying (which I’ve since adopted)—opinions (and votes) are like a**holes. Everyone has one.

The bare black tree branches were encouraging this afternoon, however. They may have lost all of their leaves—for now—but their spines are very much intact yet.

Perhaps those trees know more than we do.