One-year old bloggist wants to share birthday cake with you.

“Pretending to be a normal person day after day is exhausting!”

     I turned one year old yesterday – October 4, 2011. Sorta’.

     Actually, Rebecca’s Notepad blog site turned one year old. 

     While I don’t mind telling people that I am a blogger, I’ve decided I want to upgrade that term to bloggist. Kind of like diarist, feminist, spiritualist, journalist, typist—you get my drift. The more common “er” ending feels a bit too conventional. 

     It’s been a full year of creative challenge and I have to tell you: I enjoy blogging. Proof: If  I don’t get at least one post up every week—I feel cranky and dissatisfied. I’ve had a small handful of weeks where I didn’t post, but I am happy with my first year’s stats. 

     This blog site averaged 450 views (“hits”) per month in her maiden year. I consider that number dang good progress for a first time blog effort, and I anticipate the coming year with this activity. Some people will tsk-tsk and say—‘big deal.’ That’s their prerogative, but I remind them that we all have to learn to crawl before we will walk—or run.  

     WordPress protects us from, as well as reports, when the spammers are hitting on us out here. For sure, there were some spam hits, but I’m happy to say they did not make up the majority of my numbers.

     A year ago I was tearing my hair out creating this site. Many thanks go out to my clever son-in-law “from up north,” who coached me as I navigated my way through the  WordPress learning curve.

     I know the blog is viewed by editors, poets, freelancing colleagues, novelists, spirituality practitioners and cooks–to name a few. How would that have happened if I hadn’t given in to that little nudging voice that said: “Start a blog. Do it now.”

     I have subscribers who I’ve never met, but who I thank for poking their head in, seeing something that made them want to subscribe—and for commenting when something resonated with them. That’s the satisfying part of this effort. And to my friends and family who come in, read, comment—or at least email me and tell me what they like—or what they don’t—and are willing to discuss the why or why not calmly and rationally. It can be done. 

     A blog needs to offer something to its reader. That’s why I decided to post a new recipe out here every week. I figured if my post didn’t work for you, you could at least pick up a recipe idea before you departed. (Everybody likes to eat—right?!) 

     Birthday parties need cake and presents, so I am offering you a few presents from me this week: 

  • The recipe for the cake in the mug shown above can be found on my Recipe Room tab. It doesn’t get much easier than this little gem.
  • One of the wisest bits of advice I’ve read recently–borrowed from a piece written by Amy Spencer on “How to Stop Procrastinating”: “Start your day over at 2 p.m,” she wrote. “At 2 p.m. every day, assess how much you’ve accomplished . . . grant yourself a second morning in the middle of the day.” This gives you a second chance with your work day and for a sense of control and accomplishment.
  • Treat yourself to a gorgeously performed and thought-provoking 4-minute song by the Canadian female singing group, Dala. My husband and I heard them in concert last weekend. Their talent for writing poetry and singing it blew us away. They wrote this song “Horses” after meeting a young man who’d been permanently damaged in an accident. I still can’t listen to it and remain dry-eyed knowing his story, but he obviously figured out how to sustain himself against life’s harshness.
  • A writing prompt for you this week that I used with my writing group recently.  Some of the writers were funny, some of my writers were pensive, sad—and some were deeply revealing and blunt. Freewriting is a gift we give ourselves. Don’t underestimate its power. See where this leads:

Write for 10 minutes on: “What I didn’t do this past summer.”

I hope you’ll continue to stop in as bloggist year number two gets underway.

6 thoughts on “One-year old bloggist wants to share birthday cake with you.

  1. Sorry for the belated birthday reply, but better late than never. I have been enriched by your posts, and I belive you to be of the “highest caliber” as a bloggist, and one of the top three I read. I look forward to your second birthday, friend.

    • Thanks, Miz Joyce. Gee . . . how am I going to live up to this next challenge with a reader such as yourself? (But I’ll try–and you’ll keep me on my toes–right?—I’m counting on you!!) ;-D

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