Corn stalks, pasta sauce and timidity.

Doing what it's supposed to be doing.

What could a maverick stalk of corn possibly offer to a blog post? 

  • Reinforcement for the inspirational nugget to bloom where you’re planted (or dropped)? 
  • Standing up straight and tall for what you are, and what you think you’re supposed to do? 
  • Reaching for the sky despite the usual and expected path, and thriving in spite of it? 

Feel free to take your pick. 

This corn stalk greeted me a few weeks ago while I was mowing. Leave it to the winds or birds to deliver the seeds of such surprises into our row of Austrian pines. I wasn’t so surprised by the fact that the stalk sprouted, but that it is actually producing an ear because corn cross pollinates, and there is only one other corn plant sprouting behind this one. All appearances indicate its intention to survive in spite of the fact it isn’t surrounded by a whole block of its kind. 

I write a bi-monthly column for the Cedar Rapids Gazette’s Money pages that features a wide variety of local businesses. I enjoy talking with all of these different business owners and entrepreneurs, and the two most obvious common threads that all of these people possess are patience and persistence. 

Yesterday’s interviewees opened their family business in 2009. That’s not that long ago, really, and they recently inked the deal that will put their product in 330 stores in an 8-state area. That’s pretty dang impressive. As much as I would love to mention their company name here, I cannot, as my agreement to write these stories prohibits such until after the story prints. 

Establishing their business required extensive calls into their state governing agencies to be sure they understood the requirements and laws for their industry. They made boatloads of these calls, too. Eventually things were lined up, they were compliant, and they launched their product line. One person inside one of these agencies told them they figured they would indeed get their new company launched–‘You just kept at it. I knew you would make it.’

This speaks well for those two p-words mentioned above, and even more for the lack of timidity when it comes to going after something you want. 

The pluck of this sole cornstalk growing out back of our property absolutely tickles me. Even if its ear of corn doesn’t fill out completely, I love that it went for it on its own, and I doubt timidity ever entered into it.


6 thoughts on “Corn stalks, pasta sauce and timidity.

  1. Insightful, honest, to the point, encouraging, and “down home approach”. This are the articles that “reach” people where they sit and read: might I dare say the “female Will Rogers”, and he’s my fellow Okie and a definite lifetime favorite of mine. So what does that make you???????????????????????????////

    • A female Will Rogers, huh? I could live with that quite nicely. Thank you. I keep a book of his gems on my bookshelf. Good man, he.

      I imagine tags like The Writing Witch….or the Kitchen Witch might be applicable to me, too. (Along with various other alterations. HA!)

      I appreciate you taking the time to pop in here, read and comment.

      How do you get it all done???

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