We can’t be God–but we can be kind.

This little guy is breaking my heart, and has been for over a year.

That is how long I have been setting food out on our front porch for him. When he first showed up he was wild-eyed and skittish and would run far out at the first sight or sound of me. He now understands that when I come out, it will be to set food in the dish that I keep out there. He is still leery but only scampers off about 4 feet and waits; he also looks me in the eyes now, too. I consider this progress.

When I first spotted him around the neighborhood he was filled out a lot better than what he is now. I don’t know if he is an accidental escapee, or if someone tossed him out on his ear. There are absolutely never any good reasons for tossing any animal out on its ear.  He held his ground against our nasty winter, though, and I made sure there was a box with a blanket in it, and food in his dish twice a day.

Whatever his history he obviously knows how to survive. I witnessed him lord it over another tom in our neighborhood that turned up on the porch one night. My adopted stray knew how to handle himself. I let them both know I did not want that going on on our porch. My mother once asked me if I liked sounding like a drill sergeant at times. It serves a purpose every now and then.

I want to clean those face wounds for him, take him to a vet and have his ears and body checked for various unwelcome things, but I doubt he is ever going to trust me to that level, so all I can do is see that he has enough food and water, if he wants it. This season he’s taken to sleeping on our wicker chairs. I peek through the curtains every morning as soon as I get up and most of the time he is sound asleep in one of the rockers, and he actually looks peaceful and relaxed–something I never see in his demeanor when he’s awake—and I am instantly grateful for covered porches and wicker rockers.

He is losing weight and his gait seems stiff and guarded, and I have been down this road before with other cats. I’ve seen the bulges in their sides and their sagging limps and I know that all I can do is feed them and send friendly energy. Nature will do as it must when the time comes.

The Dalai Lama says it so very well: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” 

It’s been a buzz saw of a freelancing week, as you will have guessed by me missing my promised Monday blog post deadline. I’m delighted to have numerous story assignments but it gets real interesting when they all are due on the same day next week. But I said yes, and I will deliver. Every now and then the Universe makes it even more challenging such as it did this week like when the photos I took didn’t work for the editor and the subject source couldn’t drop everything just for me to come in and reshoot them right away, or certain questions weren’t satisfied, etc, etc, etc, so I was a bit involved and coming up with a writing analogy for this blog last Monday had to take a back seat. But having said that, Nature didn’t abandon me. I can always rely on my love of animal spirituality to give me content. I’d be lost without it.

So, three things to remember: Continue to say ‘yes,’ remember to breathe through it all, and always remain kind.

One final note . . . this morning my manuscript arrived on my doorstep, back from my editor. ☺ As I told her: I’m eager, I’m centered, and I’m ready.

Stay tuned. I will have much to share with you–


4 thoughts on “We can’t be God–but we can be kind.

  1. In a time when the news is filled with negative attacks on people, places and things (politicians), it is not only refreshing, but a blessing to read a simple story of “unconditional love” for one of God’s creatures. You Rebecca remind me of all that is good and real in life when it gets down to the basic elements. Now instead of hurrying to computer surf or text someone to escape the after taste of the news, I will smile when I think of a year of dedication to just tending to “life” as it was intended to be lived. Thank you for being my friend and allowing me the knowlege of another human who sees the world as I do.

    • What else can I say, but thanks, Joyce. I fed him 3 times yesterday. I worry that he is having to share his nutrition “with someone else,” but as I can’t get a hold of him, I can’t get him any medical help. There are times that I wish I could be God, for the sake of some of these creatures. It is so easy to love them. Always has been.

      I still tell people about your fluffy butts adopted greyhound laying upside down and “passing air.” They just love that story!!

  2. Yes! I love your kitty and that you are taking care of him. Bless you!
    How wonderful to have all those assignments, too! And I can’t wait to hear more on your manuscript! Excellent news!

    • Hey, Sue…..Last night was another first for him. He showed up at the real supper time—and was sitting up on our railing like our tamer neighbor cat often will do. This act alone told me that he feels more comfortable on our porch. I actually fed him 3 times yesterday and he snarfed every single nugget.

      There is a huge amount of energy surrounding my manuscript and I can’t wait to shut off the phones, ban all internet chatter and just crawl back into the thing and make it tighter–better.

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