What’s really stopping you?

My youngest daughter made the above plaque for me after she listened to me share some recent book world publishing statistics. She must have seen my resolve sag, thus this sweet little reminder. 

In a brief nutshell there are some book sites that estimate there are 1,500 new books published every day. One agent blog that I read recently stated that they read 10,000 novel query letters in 2010 from wanna-be’s—and didn’t take on one single manuscript from that pile. But enough of this— 

The above two words belong to you as much as they do me. 

Whatever it is you have to, want to, need to do—own these two words. 

If you’re working on a novel, know that all you have to do is work on it today—or tonight. But you can work on it. 

Maybe you want to see if you can get through this day without that drink, or that cigarette, or whatever your trapping devil is. You can work on that today. 

The need for sugar and sweets is strong during this cold winter, but you can try for this one day without an overload of it. 

You can get on your treadmill or exercise bike today. 

You can apologize for shooting your mouth off to your spouse or office mates. 

You can set food out for some stray cats. Hells bells, feed the deer, too! 

You can donate some food to the local food bank. 

You can save that $20.00 bill instead of buying another batch of lottery tickets. 

You can plan your garden already. 

You can call your mother just to check on her. 

This is just today. 

You can.


14 thoughts on “What’s really stopping you?

  1. Love these messages and their meanings…keep them a coming~~ U CAN!!….I believe in YOU, words are so powerful for your mind and HEART~~

  2. Love the sign & idea.Can’t believe I have 1st draft done (really rough).I’ve learned a lot. Now to edit mode. I finally got the whole idea down on paper.What a trip.-& mucho thanks to writing group for their encouragement-week after week. You never know until you Really try. 😀

  3. Love the thought.Can’t believe I finished the 1st draft (really really rough) and am now in edit mode. Imagine-Me. Goes to show. “U CanL

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with your blog, but it does remind me of an old joke; one I’m sure you’ve heard;

    The little boy yells from the bathroom, “Mom, I can’t do it.” She says, “Never say you can’t do anything.”

    “Then, you come put the toothpaste back in the tube.”

    • Thanks, Frank, and I will read that link you sent me. Thanks for doing that. Always appreciated.

      That’s just the thing….you can work in an office or on roads and buildings–whatever– all day long and when you die—what will you have left behind?

      But if you are lucky enough to get a few words of something ‘out there’—-maybe they’ll offer something to some poor sap down the road. We aren’t to know–and shouldn’t even worry about it. Just write the dang words–and then move on.

  5. One of my prized possessions from Sue is a little pewter angel with two hearts and in the middle with the saying “One day at a time”. It fits well into your blog for today. How often do we neglect an effort assuming before we ever attempt, we will fail. I have also discovered in living this long, failure can be “good” for the soul. You really never fail either. There is success in your effort and always lessons learned when things don’t turn out as you expect or hope. Maybe today I will begin the effort, whole heartedly to lose the 25#’s I really need to. I got a good start while being sick!! AH, it sounds like incentive!! Treadmill here I come “U CAN!! Thanks Bec. Words to live by!!

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