Rubber survives expansion, and so can we.

Every January I choose a word that I’ll use as my working point of focus for the New Year.

This year my word is: expand. It’s a verb. Verbs mean action.

Webster’s II Dictionary explains it simply:

expand v.

1.   To make or become greater in size, scope, or range

2.   To open up or out: unfold.

3.   To speak or write at greater length: enlarge

My numerical response order looks like this:

1)   The novel manuscript has a few spots that need to be explained better—in a word, expanded. Three of my serious readers have told me this now. 

2)   My reading and study into spiritualism, other world religions and philosophy will continue this year. The more I read, the more I realize how undeveloped we human-bots really are. 

3)   It’s time to raise the bar and try writing a piece for a more dangerous market, defined here as one of those publications where it appears that only the big writing guns are allowed in. There are three basic possibilities for such effort:

  • they ignore me
  • they say ‘no’
  • they say ‘yes’

I still get to go on living, breathing and writing, regardless.

The famous words of one particularly remarkable man will help get me started:

      “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

                                     Dr. Martin Luther King

What word did you choose for 2011?

6 thoughts on “Rubber survives expansion, and so can we.

  1. Oh my, dear. There’s 600, 000 words in the English language alone. You’re asking a degree holdin’ linguist and writer to choose one? Excellent. I love a challenge.

    However, I think I’m gonna run with one of my staple life words: Creativity.

    Found a great quote to run with it.

    “All my writings may be considered tasks imposed from within their source was a fateful compulsion. What I wrote were things that assailed me from within myself. I permitted the spirit that moved me to speak out.” Carl G Jung

  2. Great choice. While I don’t choose a word for the year, I can relate to ‘expand.’ I am expanding my knowledge by finally taking the Master Gardener classes from Iowa State. I am registered to begin Jan. 18. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but teaching responsibilities prevented it. ~To everything there is a season.

  3. I chose a phrase of three words. Believe———-You can!

    In the past years I have used: Whatever, Simplify, Charge (not in the financial sense, but as “to the battle”.) LOL

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