In amongst the Christmas gift orders I’ve placed with Amazon and other online sites these past few weeks, I also purchased three new CD’s for our collection. 

     I have music going in the house, or at my desk, much of the time while I’m working, and it comes either from an XM radio source or our CD collection. This ensures having the kind of music that I want to match whatever writing mode, mood or energy level that I require in a given moment. 

     My husband and I are rock and roll ‘crazy,’ but I cannot write against it, so that gets reserved for encouraging one through heavy-duty housework chores, treadmill workouts, or just groovin’ veggin’ time. 

     Contemporary piano, acoustical guitar, New Age or Celtic music playing in the background elicits deep mental vibrations for me so I use it often when writing. I’ve discovered that Gregorian chants can get me through the most stressful of writing challenges or deadlines. 

     The title track from one of our new CDs, Bill Douglas’  Deep Peace,  is befitting for this week leading to Christmas. The Ars Nova Singers perform the choral pieces. Having sung in the past with a large chorale myself, I am a sucker for powerful choral work. 

     The lyrics are from a Gaelic blessing, and I offer them from our household to yours this Christmas week, and in the New Year to come. 

Deep Peace

Of the running wave to you 

Deep Peace

Of the flowing air to you 

Deep Peace

Of the quiet earth to you 

Deep Peace

Of the shining stars to you 

Deep Peace

Of the gentle night to you 

Moon and stars

Pour their healing light on you 

Deep Peace to you


3 thoughts on “Peace-Full

  1. For me it is all seasonal music, but the Blue Christmas with Elvis has the most sentimental value to me because it was the song that brought me together with the man I love and have been with for 49 Christmases.

  2. I totally agree with you regarding the type of music I play while writing. I play all instrumental because someone singing words messes up my thoughts. LOL

    I play piano and guitar instrumentals, as well as easy jazz.

    And, what is really cool is that one of my CD’s is aoustic guitar played by the lead musician of the band I’m writing the book about.

    • Very cool that you enjoy the music that belongs to your forthcoming book, Lyle!

      Only the “quiet” ways of Celtic and choral stuff works. Nothing too involved, otherwise I’m like you–I get wrapped up in it and then the work gets interferred with.

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