A re-e-eally big pile of —!


Lots and lots of words. 

50,160 of them to be exact. 

Last night I finished my novel writing month challenge for 2010. 

Residing on my hard drive now is: 

An insanely large amount of exposition. 

A couple of pretty good analogies that just came out of my mind and fingers—from—Divine Intervention, perhaps? 

Maybe twelve good sentences, if I’m really, really lucky . . . 

The hint of this becoming a mystery.

A sense of the deep sadness and fear that does reside in people from time to time, and last but not least,

a revealing, humorous rant with leading lady Margarite after she’d had way too much wine to drink and flew into a raging, profane tirade against life and anything else that got in her way one evening. (I had no idea she would talk like that.) She came up with a naughty acronym for the new school for young girls that she threatens to open . . . Ohhhhh, Margarite–tsk, tsk, tsk. 

I sat on the sofa at night with the TV going in the background and typed. The laptop was up and running on our kitchen table during the days, and in between other tasks like lining up article interviews, baking for upcoming parties, paying bills, etc. I’d sit down and tap in the words or sentences that sprung up. Some nights I didn’t allow myself to go to bed until I had met my quota of words for the day. 

That’s how the big things get done. And now it’s time to haul out Christmas decorations and make some more phone calls. 🙂

7 thoughts on “A re-e-eally big pile of —!

  1. Congratulations! That’s a lot of words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters and le voila! a novel.

    How admirable that you are doing this!!!


  2. The title is “appa-pro” though I think it might reflect how you felt at the end of a month long challenge where you still maintained your active life.

    I can’t wait to read it and volunteer as a content reader.

    The best part of writing a pile of “stuff” like that is that it really challenges the “inner writer longing to be free.” YOu think no one will ever “see it” so you are freed up to say and have the characters do liberating things.” Of course, in time you find some stays and some goes, but there is a part of the result that may even send you a new direction as a writer.

    My best to you, and congratulations on being a winner. Many more weren’t, than were. It shows to me you are truly a writer and not a “gonna be” writer, or “wannna be” writer, but a, dare I say it? “Hellava writer”.

    • Thanks, Joyce. I’m really glad to have tied it up last night.

      And I’ll take “hellava writer” any time.

      It’ll be a while before I open it back up and dig in, however, but I’ll keep your energetic offer in my back pocket! 😉

      I had a creative writing professor at Mount Mercy who was constantly reminding me to “just make a great big mess,”–and I’m sure he’d be proud of me with this one!

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