Unexpected Play

What fun will you allow yourself today?

 It IS mid-October this morning; the snow and colder temps ARE not that far away.

What last bit of outdoor fun can you have for yourself yet today, that you’ll store away for winter?

Allow me to make a few suggestions:

  • Pump up the bike tires and go for a ride.
  • Take the motorcycle out for a spin—and stop at the local ice cream joint and have something you haven’t had in a while. Cherry nut?  Pumpkin Blizzard?
  • Go after some apples at the closest apple orchard. Eat a caramel apple, if they have them.
  • Buy a couple of big pumpkins and set them by your front door—just for the hell of it.
  • Eat your lunch at a picnic table in a park today. Pull out your notepad and see if you can describe the sounds the leaves make when they fall from the tree. Record all random thoughts; you might amaze yourself.

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.  -Kahlil Gibran


4 thoughts on “Unexpected Play

  1. I am glad you included the quote by Kahil Gibran. I enjoyed reading it. Reminds me of advice by a Native American Indian, N. Scott Momaday, who is one of my favorite essayists:

    “Each should have a ‘land experience’; wonder about it, dwell upon it, look at it from as many angles as he can.”

    As I left the house to go to the library to work on my contribution to our writing group today, I thought to myself, “I wish I could ride my bike today instead”. But I would not miss my writing group for many things. See ya there!

    • Oh, Ms Debbie—I can’t tell you how much I enjoy having you in my writing life! I am “capturing” the quote you shared here.

      I’m leaving shortly for writing group. Bringing a surprise with me today! See you in a bit….

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